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Resolution to Speed Special Session Passes House

May 24, 2016 10:29AM

HCR 401 keeps bills in motion, decreases time needed to pass budget The Alaska House of Representatives today unanimously passed a resolution on the second day of the fourth Special Session of the 29th Alaska Legislature to shorten the time needed to pass a budget and other bills on the…

Bill Benefiting Small Businesses Passes Legislature

April 22, 2016 1:17PM

HB289/SB165 changes Board of Barbers & Hairdressers to include nail techs The Alaska Legislature today passed Senate Bill 165 which was amended on the House floor on the 90th Legislative day to include Representative LeDoux’s House Bill 289. HB 289 follows the recommendation of the Board of Barbers and Hairdressers…

Legislature Re-enacts Fishing & Guide Licenses

April 18, 2016 2:12AM

HB41 ensures Alaska remains directly involved in saltwater fisheries, Creates more revenue for State and help anglers and fisheries The Legislature passed a bill to ensure State managers have direct say in the allocation of our saltwater fisheries, and which also generates more revenue by reenacting the fisheries guide and…

Alaska Code of Military Justice Bill Passes

Chair LeDoux’s HB126 culmination of year-long, bipartisan push to aid Guard The Alaska National Guard soon will have the ability to restore trust and order within its ranks and with the publics following passage of a bill by the Legislature re-instituting the long-dormant Alaska Code of Military Justice. The bill,…

Legislature Renews Alaska Real Estate Commission

April 17, 2016 11:05PM

Commission protects consumers and establishes professional standards Sunday, April 17, 2016, Juneau, Alaska – The Alaska Legislature today voted unanimously to extend the oversight entity for real estate professionals in Alaska. House Bill 290, by the House Labor & Commerce Committee, extends the Alaska Real Estate Commission’s sunset date to…

Legislature Modifies Inefficient Land Exchange Statutes

Muñoz’s HB 274 increases efficiency & removes challenges Sunday, April 17, 2016, Juneau, Alaska – A long-standing land exchange issue that proved to be an inefficient and cumbersome process is one step closer to being fixed after today’s vote passage in the Alaska Legislature. House Bill 274, by Representative Cathy…

Legislature Authorizes AIDEA to Bond for Juneau Project

Sweetheart Lake hydroelectric project will lower energy costs for the region Sunday, April 17, 2016, Juneau, Alaska – The Alaska Legislature today passed a bill paving the way for more affordable energy in Southeast Alaska. House Bill 143, by Juneau Representative Cathy Muñoz, authorizes the Alaska Industrial Development and Export…

Legislature Removes Burdensome Regulations

HB 305 supports recreational programs in Alaska Sunday, April 17, 2016, Juneau, Alaska – The Alaska Legislature today passed a bill putting sideboards on the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education’s regulatory powers of recreational programs in Alaska. House Bill 305, by Wasilla Representative Lynn Gattis, exempts recreational and avocational activities…

Legislature Makes Alaskans’ Safety a Top Priority

Rep. Lynn’s HB 231 extends Board of Parole Sunday, April 17, 2016, Juneau, Alaska – The Alaska Legislature today passed a bill extending the Board of Parole termination date from June 2016 to June 2020. The bill extended the termination date to June 2021 when passed by the House but…

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